Hotels in Berlin

As a tourist in Berlin there are heaps of alternatives to choose from when it comes to hotels and other forms of accommodations. The most common form is of course regular hotels, which there obviously are plenty of in Berlin. But in addition to regular hotels, there are also many apartment hotels with cheap apartments for rent, as well as lots of regular hostels, bed and breakfast hotels and motels.

Book a hotel in Berlin

Below is a really good map showing all accommodations in Berlin along with the cost for one night, the price adjusts to your browser currency. Simply click on any of the hotels to read more about it.

Choosing a hotel or accommodation in Berlin

It is wise to choose hotel or accommodation located near a U-bahn or S-bahn station, which makes it much easier to move around in Berlin and allows you to easily reach all the sights in Berlin. It is also a good idea to book in time when it comes to accommodations in Berlin, as Berlin is a very popular city and the most affordable hotels are quickly reserved. Lately, it has also become relatively popular with Airbnb in Berlin.