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Transportation in Berlin

Going to any new destination for a journey may be easy, but it may also turn into a nightmare in case you are not aware of transportation deals in that particular region. Transportation vehicles may have different paradigms according to the region they operate. Obviously you would not ride a camel in a frozen winter wonderland. Thus, it gets necessary to learn the details of transportation before visiting any new destination.

Going about in Berlin

Berlin, by being a temperate region, allows a sheer combination of modernized vehicles and traditional vehicles to cater to the needs of locals. Below we mention a few different ways of going about in Berlin.


Airlines are the first choice for any traveler in this fast fast world. The services and the facilities are timeless thus catering to the needs of many, saving time and making travel comfortable. Airline Berlin is one of the airline services that may cater to your expectations. As such the flights of Berlin are quite standardized and cater well as regards to both comfort and entertainment. The food is good, thorough services and entertainment alternatives are available, all in all it is very appealing to travelers and visitors. The headphones provided are decent and free for the traveler.

Berlin Metro

The Metro services are one of the most comfortable and easy ways to reach different parts of Berlin. People who are unaware of the routes opt for metro services. Berlin metro services are one of the best when compared to other metros in other European countries. Local people also help the tourists to reach their destination, Berliners are very friendly. Therefore the Metro Services are by far the easiest way of transportation in Berlin.

Public Rail Transport System

Public Rail Transport System is probably the most efficient mode of transportation in Berlin. It mainly consists of two types of independent railway systems, the U-bahn and the S-Bahn. Whereas the U-bahn is the underground train which mainly runs within the city limits and the S-bahn runs above ground and connects to the far outskirts and the ‘crust’ of the city. The history of the S-Bahn starts from 1830, but it has of course since improved a lot and has become the heartbeat of the city. The services of S-bahn are competent, fast, and well-managed. The uniform ticket system of S-bahn, U-bahn, trams and buses makes it easy for both locals and tourists. Moreover red-yellow trains runs in 10 to 15 minutes and connect the corner of the city to the heart of Berlin. As tourist sites in Berlin are widespread over large areas public transportation are used widely.

Berlin S-Bahn

Berlin S-Bahn

City Buses

Buses form a wide and dense network all over the city. This efficient and polished service provided by the buses are a great support to tourists and locals. All of the buses basically stop in the central area of the city, providing information about the other buses and their routes. All the information regarding the stops are provided within the bus so even a child cannot get lost. Moreover, some buses also provides a sightseeing facility, and people can rest easily in these double-decker buses. Buses is the cheapest and the easiest mode of transportations in Berlin.

Make sure to get the Welcome Card

For a short visit in Berlin it is suggested to buy a Welcome Card which will cost us about 21 euros, valid for all kinds of city transport during 72 hours. This card will be valid for one adult and three kids under the age of 14. Moreover this card includes discount coupons for various kinds of museums and amusement parks throughout Berlin.