Nightlife in Berlin

The everlasting struggle between work-a-holic days and entertaining nights are always on, and it seems that the nightlife is getting more popular each day that passes. It would be unfair to pass of Berlin without having a look at its magnificent and trendy nightlife, that which also includes for example bars, theaters, cinemas and discos, which might prove Berlin to be one of the best places to enjoy the night. Berlin’s nightlife is perfect for releasing some stress and to get yourself into the flow with the foot tapping music and relaxing art. As people are more involved in the buzz of regular life, today it has become a need to go out relaxing in order to relieve all of the stress. That’s what Berlin’s lifestyle focuses on.

Berlin is available for you 24/7 and offers anything that you may demand: cultural drinks with traditional music in the background at a fancy place, or dancing to the beats of powerful music until you drop down onto your knees all exhausted. In short it is difficult to summarize the up and happening lifestyle of Berlin in just a few words, in fact it may be considered a pioneer in nightlife schedules when compared to other major cities around Europe.

Great nightclub areas in Berlin

Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg are two areas that are truly amazing as regards to their nightlife offerings. However, Freidrichshain is also an eye catcher and an area to keep a lookout on. There is more or less countless numbers of nightclubs in Berlin; hence it is difficult to choose a particular place to recommend new visitors. It is advisable to get a local magazine to get all the juicy details of the current and latest night clubs. The prices for a nightclub visit starts as low as 10 euro, so you need not get worried if you can afford it. Moreover, the scheduled opening time starts at 1 in the night unlike other places. So let’s all say our thanks to nightclub owners that offer their services until late in the morning!

Nightclubs in Berlin

To get a kick-start, Kastaneinallee is a nice place that throws a sheer combination of happening bars, cool nightclubs and nice restaurants. As such western Berlin has four main focal points for bars that may interest you in some way. Listed below are some of the nightclubs which you may take pleasure in going to:

  • Magnet club at Prenzlauer Berg is quite stylish and the interiors definitely throws a sheer combination of style and lass, that mixes well with the theme.
  • Kingkongklub is another night club in Berlin that is located at Mitte. It has a great lounge atmosphere that may act as a reliever in the night.
  • Maria at Stralauer Platz is one of the most advanced places you will visit as regards to nightclubs, it fits well for those who likes to rock and roll and electro pop.
  • Dunker club is small and can be quite difficult to find, but the music is awesome and you are sure to have fun all night. Located at northern parts of Prenzlauer Berg, it is truly a masterpiece in itself.

Bars and lounges in Berlin

Apart from nightclubs, there are many bars and lounges that also serves the visitors well. Here are some tips:

  • Newton Bar is located at Mitte and offers you world class wines and beers to match all your requirements.
  • Bar am Lutzowplatz is located at Tiergarten. It serves its customers at the massive counter that stretches over 40 feet.

More info on Nightlife in Berlin

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